Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jewelry find: Vesper Lynd's necklace

I loved the James Bond movie Casino Royale; it was raw but sexy, rough but elegant and Daniel Craig looked damn good in a tux and speedo. But Eva Green gave Daniel some competition in the hotness department. It was expecially Green's necklace that made me sit up and go "Oooohhh! Where do I get one of those?" Well that necklace is called an Algerian Love Knot and it symbolizes joy, wealth and health; designer Sophie Harley made the necklace specifically for the movie. Green's character, Vesper Lynd, is given the necklace by her boyfriend (not seen in the movie) and she wears it almost to the end, until she and Bond go to Venice. The necklace is created from twisted gold and silver rings, multi layered chains, and featuring a winged heart clasp.
The necklace's symbols allude to a certain mystery which is perfect for the movie's romantic and intriguing subplots.

You can buy the necklace for 1,400 pounds or you can get a replica for only $149 on


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